Find Out How and Why Circumcision Can Help You

All men are born with a layer of skin covering the end of the penis, called “foreskin” – and the circumcision is a common procedure, done mostly on newborns, which removes this skin, leaving exposed the tip of the penis. Whether to do it or not is often a discussion that involves not only the physical health of the baby, but also the personal and cultural beliefs of their parents.

But what was once a doubt has become increasingly a certainty: the circumcision can bring many benefits to a men’s health. Recent studies allowed researchers to discover the following about the benefits of the circumcision:

  • It has reduced rates of HIV on males
  • It has reduced cases of herpes simplex type 2
  • It has reduced rates of papillomavirus
  • It brings reduced rates of vaginosis and bacterial infections in female partners of circumcised men
  • Lower the risk of penis cancer
  • Lower the risk of urinary tract infections early in life (circumcised babies are 10 times less likely to have this infection)
  • It prevents phimosis and foreskin infections
  • It allows a better genital hygiene

As with any other medical procedure, circumcision has its risks, which may include bleeding or infections if not treated properly, and medical errors can lead to longer or shorter cuts of the foreskin. Even though circumcision is often done for cultural – not medical – reasons, make sure to always talk to a doctor.

if you feel like you have any questions or if you want to know more about the risks and benefits of this procedure you can contact Toronto Safe Circumcision at 905-475-2506

And remember: the final decision to do it or not should always be taken only by the child’s parents!

Dr. Tahmoures Bahrami


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